Francis in America

May 18, 2015

Vol.212 / No.17
IF WALLS COULD TALK. Dakin Matthews as Winston Churchill and Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Audience”
Rob Weinert-KendtMay 06, 2015

‘The Audience’ takes a closer look at Queen Elizabeth

SHELTER THE HOMELESS. Commuters walk past a woman resting in a public walkway near a ferry terminal in Seattle, Wash., in January.
Jeffrey D. Sachs May 06, 2015

Pope Francis has declared that the joy of the Gospel can help the world to overcome the globalization of indifference to others. Undoubtedly, he will bring this message when he visits the United States. But when he does, he will face a society in thrall to a different idea—that of the unaliena

Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O'ConnellMay 06, 2015

The drowning of 900 migrants from many countries in the Mediterranean on the night of April 18 jolted consciences worldwide. It was but the latest, though the worst, in a series of similar tragedies in the sea between North Africa and Europe in recent years: 3,200 drowned last year, over 1,700 so fa

Our readersMay 06, 2015

Religious Freedom FactsRe “Bridging Our Divisions” (Editorial, 4/27): It is indeed unfortunate, but not unpredictable, that “religious liberty has become a partisan issue.” The legal adage quoted by Justice Ginsburg in her dissent to the Hobby Lobby case, “Your right to

HOME FIRE. A Kurdish refugee woman from the Syrian town of Kobani.
Gerald F. KicanasMay 06, 2015

Refugees and immigrants can be found all around the world. Some nations open their arms to them; others raise their fists. Some welcome them; others reject them and turn them away. Yet immigrants and refugees continue to arrive, seeking asylum, searching for security, wanting a decent life.When I se

Gerald T. CobbMay 06, 2015

'Lila,' by Marilynne Robinson

A HIGHLIGHT. In 2003, Sister Mary Ann edited John Paul II: A Light for the World.
Signs Of the Times

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a journalist and a longtime spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, died on April 28, succumbing to a recurring cancer. True to form, she transformed her last days into an opportunity for a final lesson in living with dignity and grace.She described her experi