August 4-11, 2014

Vol.211 / No.3
Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J. July 22, 2014

As conflict rages in Gaza, confronting once again the “myth of religious violence”

Signs Of the Times

When Pope Francis visits South Korea on Aug. 14 to 18, he will find a Catholic Church that exemplifies much of what he hopes for the church around the world, including a highly active laity, extensive efforts to help the needy and strong relations with non-Christian communities. [America will provid

The Word
John W. Martens July 22, 2014

If you examine older English translations of the Bible like the Douay-Rheims or the King James Version a quick search offers you more than 100 instances of the word ghost in each version Most often these Bibles are translating the Greek phrase hagios pneuma as ldquo Holy Ghost rdquo while curr

Dennis P. Halpin June 26, 2014

The Vatican announced in March that South Korea will be the first Asian nation to be visited by Pope Francis. His visit will take place from Aug. 14 to 18, which includes a date of critical significance not only for Korean and world history but also for Catholicism.Aug. 15 is Independence Day for Ko

Margot Patterson July 22, 2014

Palestinians are too weak to induce Israel to make peace.

The Editors July 22, 2014

Prison of the future should educate inmates not just with job skills but in liberal arts.

Signs Of the Times

As an Israeli Defense Forces operation into the Gaza Strip entered its second day on July 18, the head of Caritas Jerusalem said he would launch an international appeal for assistance in Gaza and would not wait until the end of the Israel-Hamas hostilities, as he has done in the past. The Rev. Raed