July 7-14, 2014

Vol.211 / No.1
ON GAURD. An Iraqi soldier stands before truckloads of volunteers in Baghdad on June 17, eager to fight Sunni militants converging on the city.
Signs Of the Times

Bishop calls on the U.S. to urge Iraqi political leaders to form an inclusive government.

Faith Faith
Christopher PramukJune 24, 2014

Sister Thea did not hesitate to challenge and even chide the bishops for their complicity in a “church of paternalism, of a patronizing attitude” toward people of color.


What better way to introduce our readers to more black Catholic writers than to ask a selection of black Catholic intellectuals to tell us about their favorite books by their fellow writers?

Our readersJune 24, 2014

Love and TruthThere is much to commend in “Simply Loving,” by James Martin, S.J. (5/26). There is no doubt that “loving the sinner, while hating the sin” is easier for God than for man. We imperfect and fallen humans tend to either love both or hate both. It is hard to get it

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.June 24, 2014

Many white Catholics joined the civil rights movement. But not enough did.

The Word
John W. MartensJune 24, 2014

Why did Jesus speak to people in parables Scholars are agreed beyond doubt that Jesus taught in parables The parable is a type of speech act in which the speaker attempts to draw comparisons between one thing and another In fact the Greek word parabol might best be translated ldquo comparison

Of Other Things
Raymond A. SchrothJune 24, 2014

Though Eugene Robinson's principles emerge in his writing, he is far from an ideologue.