March 17, 2014

Vol.210 / No.9
Signs Of the Times

In a speech to the Congregation for Bishops, Pope Francis said bishops should act not like ambitious corporate executives but as humble evangelists and men of prayer, willing to sacrifice everything for their flocks. “We don’t need a manager, the C.E.O. of a business, nor someone who sha

Faith in Focus
Brian Doyle March 04, 2014

The sacred and secular meet in a future priest's experience on the battlefield.

Signs Of the Times
Kevin Clarke March 04, 2014

A cease-fire that seemed to offer a chance for a peaceful resolution to months-long conflict in the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, has unraveled. Intermittent fighting has continued since the cease-fire agreement was signed on Jan. 23. But now in Malakal, a key city in an oil-producing re

Our readers March 04, 2014

Football Is Immoral“Fairness in Football” (Current Comment, 2/10) evoked a huge reaction in me. I have often questioned why Americans not only love football, but idolize it. It is our country’s favorite sport and religion.I have asked myself if viewing a football game is an accepta

Current Comment
The Editors March 04, 2014

Drone strike against wedding party in Yemen violated policy endorsed by Obama, says HRW.

Edward Collins Vacek March 12, 2014

Religious freedom We were against it before we were for it The papacy at one time unreservedly condemned religious freedom as ldquo madness rdquo but now U S bishops condemn any restrictions on it Earning interest on a loan The Vatican condemned this practice then it allowed the idea and s

Michael Doyle March 04, 2014

Remembering Seamus Heaney, weaver of words