October 21, 2013

Vol.209 / No.11
Signs Of the Times

An international obligation to intervene in situations of war or widespread violations of human rights does not mean a country or group of countries can decide to take military action inside another nation, said the Vatican’s foreign minister. “The responsibility to protect” is not

The Editors October 09, 2013

A government shutdown is an unconscionable burden on those least able to bear it.

Clifford Paul Fetters October 08, 2013

I don’t know, never knowwhy this sudden joy swell,the sea wall of self fallsand a tide of stars poursover and through me.Please take my blood,make a serum, inoculateme for when this passesand I again fear, certainthat wonder cannot be.

Signs Of the Times

On Oct. 4 Pope Francis called on the whole church to imitate St. Francis of Assisi.

Our readers October 10, 2013

Readers respond to "A Big Heart Open to God," by Antonio Spadaro, S.J. (9/30)A Beautiful HeartThe wonderful interview with Pope Francis is something that I will read over and over, trying to grasp for my own life the deep values that Francis holds dear and his vision for the church. I

Editor’s note: The historic interview with Pope Francis (Am. 9/30) has generated a great deal of dialogue in the church and in society at large. We asked several writers to offer their reactions to the pope’s words. Selections from these responses are printed below. The full versions of

Signs Of the Times

A Catholic religious order has urged international action to stem “uncontrolled lawlessness” in the Central African Republic after one of its Italian missionaries was threatened with death by rebel soldiers. “Let us pray that peace may return in this country torn apart by different