January 21-28, 2013

Vol.208 / No.2
The Word
John W. Martens January 09, 2013

Love never fails because God who is love never fails Human loves can be disordered and disintegrate because they can be built upon our own misguided hopes and desires We mistake what we want or how we perceive something for how things must be or truly are When Jesus spoke in the synagogue in Na

David Golemboski January 09, 2013

The American church's widespread and intense commitment to Latin America has waned.

Signs Of the Times

Though imperfect, the deal will help prevent major economic damage.

Kyle T. Kramer January 09, 2013

Superstorm Sandy brought climate change back into public consciousness with a vengeance Although no single weather event can be directly linked to climate change Sandy rsquo s devastation offered an undeniable preview of the kinds of extreme weather events we will face regularly in a warming world

James T. Keane January 09, 2013

Despite his popular image, Jack Kerouac was born and died a self-identified Catholic.

Anya Silver January 09, 2013

In certain folktales, she appears with Mary,pierced through with the scissors and needlesof girls who worked, forbidden, on Sundays.She is marred with knives, and scarredwith scythes wielded disobediently.I imagine Christ’s gentle hands, healinghis battered Saint, pulling nails from her flesh,

Signs Of the Times

Illegal immigrants who occupied the Vatican’s embassy in Paris are calling for support.