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October 22, 2012

Vol.207 / No.11
Faith in Focus
Lyn Burr Brignoli October 22, 2012

From Greenwich to Ghana

Signs Of the Times

Both major candidates have kept Afghanistan on the rhetorical back burner.

Catholic Book Club
Kerry Weber October 22, 2012

A convert from Islam to Roman Catholicism Lamin Sanneh possesses an in-depth knowledge of two of the world rsquo s most talked-about religions In an age in which individuals and churches too-often reject interfaith dialogue in favor of hate speech protests or violence Sanneh rsquo s voice is a w

Faith in Focus
Anna Keating October 22, 2012

The sweet suffering of childbirth

The Editors October 22, 2012

In the October 22 issue, Timothy P. O'Malley writes about his family's struggles with infertility ("Waiting for Gabriel").Here we offer some resources for families facing this challenge. Longing to Love: A Memoir of Desires, Relationships, and Spiritual Transformation, Timothy Muldoon"Adoption and t

Signs Of the Times

Responding to hurricanes “goes right to the heart of what the church does because storms don’t just destroy buildings, they...destroy families and communities.”

Timothy P. O'Malley October 22, 2012

How can you say to a complete stranger, a trusted teacher, a college classmate: “We’re infertile”?