The National Catholic Review

October 1, 2012

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Current Comment
Out, Damned Spot!; Bishops' Accountability; Primary Colors
The Real Fraud
Voter reform efforts should bolster, not restrict, democratic participation.


In the Beginning
John Borelli

How the work of Christian unity got started

Why Not Women?
Emil A. Wcela

A bishop makes a case for expanding the diaconate.

Books and Culture

Learning as He Goes
Patrick Whelan

An Episcopal priest analyzes Obama's first term.

Overextended Nation
Hank Stuever

A reasoned work of interpretive journalism from Rachel Maddow

After Dallas

Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson is a profound analysis of Lord Acton’s 1887 maxim: power corrupts.

We the Person
Karen Sue Smith

E. J. Dionne argues that the nation is experiencing a historic loss of balance that needs to be restored.

Irish Exports
Andrew J. Garavel

Tom Murphy's plays of emigration

Columns and Departments

The Word
It's Complicated

Peter Feldmeier

Faith in Focus
Into the Future

Colleen Gibson

The Home Stretch

Thomas J. Massaro

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Kerry Weber


Web Only

  How to Keep Our Heads Amid the Craziness
Drew Christiansen
Catholic reflections on the 2012 elections
  A Change of Season
Robert J. Nogosek
The first turning point of Vatican II