The National Catholic Review

September 24, 2012

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Diplomacy and Disarmament
The Obama administration should not participate in an Israeli military strike against Iran.
Current Comment
A Syrian Rashomon; The Greatest; Poltical Thrill Seeking


'After the Fall'
Kyle T. Kramer
The Road Ahead
James T. Bretzke

Moral Theology after the Margaret Farley Case

Were Medieval Universities Catholic?
John W. O'Malley

Lessons for higher education today

Books and Culture

A Happy Lot
Donald Cozzens

In spite of the sexual abuse scandals and the heavy workload, priests are very happy men.

Worth Dying For
Joseph P. Creamer

The lives and sometimes gruesome deaths of the first Jesuits in England and Wales

Big Questions on Campus
Robert J. Parmach

Andrew Delbanco considers the purpose of a college education.

War Cry
John Anderson

The documentary 'Tears of Gaza' casts a cold eye on a brutal conflict.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Who Is With Us?

Peter Feldmeier

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Karen Sue Smith


Web Only

  Back from the Margins
Margaret E. Crahan
The reemergence of the Cuban Catholic Church