The National Catholic Review

August 27, 2012

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R2P May Still Work
The Responsibility to Protect seems tailor-made for the current civil war in Syria.
Current Comment
Foreclosure Forgiveness; Marketing Health Insurance; Status of Christians


Cesar's Choice
Barry Hudock

How America's farm workers got organized

The Next Battle
Clayton Sinyai

Veterans are fighting for jobs on the homefront.

Books and Culture

Root Study
John R. Donahue

The Jewish Annotated New Testament should leave a mark on all Christian preaching.

Lost and Found
Patrick Gilger

The Variations attempts make inroads "on the vast terrain of what cannot be said."

In A Man's World
Elaine McClarnand MacKinnon

Catherine the Great remains one of the most intriguing women in history.

Summers with Shakespeare
John A. Coleman

America’s many festivals, indoors and out, stage the Bard.