The National Catholic Review

August 13, 2012

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Current Comment
Libor Pains; Love Your Clients; In Corpore Sano
After Aurora
Until society’s obsession with individual rights is tempered, our nation will remain hostage to the gun lobby.


In This Together
Richard E. Pates

How Catholics can overcome partisan divisions

Citizens of Faith
Vincent D. Rougeau

Bringing morality into the voting booth

Change the Church?
David J. O'Brien

Reform requires will, skill and political organization.

Voting Matters
Teresa Ghilarducci, Richard McGahey, Charles K. Wilber, Daniel Finn

Issues to consider before election day

Books and Culture

Divine Genealogy
Brigitte Kahl

An exploration of the "sonship of Jesus" and what that meant in Roman times

Another America
Chris Manahan

David Treuer's idiosyncratic journey through reservation life

Mainland Malaise
Loretta Tofani

Where is hope for the ordinary Chinese citizen?

It Takes a Village
Victor Stepien

A parable of Middle East peace, reviewed

Playing the Ponies
Mark Silk

How the media track presidential races

The Olympic Spirit
Damian Arnold

One priest's ministry at the London Games

Columns and Departments

The Word
Making Hard Choices

Peter Feldmeier

The Word
Flesh and Blood

Peter Feldmeier

Faith in Focus
Help Wanted

James Martin, SJ

Broken Promises?

John J. Dilulio, Jr.

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Maurice Timothy Reidy


Web Only

  Reality Check
Patricia Wittberg
A fact-based assessment of U.S. religious life