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July 16, 2012

Vol.207 / No.2
Catholic Book Club
Drew ChristiansenJuly 16, 2012

When historians write the history of the development of our political ideas and institutions this past quarter century they would be amply justified to label it ldquo an unexpected revolution rdquo For beginning in the early 1990s there has been a proliferation of new practices and institutions

Signs Of the Times

In Belfast on June 27, Queen Elizabeth of Britain shook hands with Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, a former Irish Republican Army commander.

Nancy SylvesterJuly 16, 2012

The journey of women religious since Vatican II

July 16, 2012

Quote Bias I agree with the editorial “Gender Bias” (6/18). As a Catholic woman, however, I do find it interesting that Pope Paul VI is quoted, followed by the sentence: “It is difficult to convince some societies of the value of an unborn girl, if the society does not see the inhe

Signs Of the Times

The election of Mohamed Morsi has fed fears that Islamists will use their political mandate to impose restrictions on dress and behavior.

Signs Of the Times

Aid agencies from the Catholic church join the effort to respond to widespread flooding in India's Assam state.

Current Comment
The EditorsJuly 16, 2012

Health Care Benefits; More Than PR; 'Free-Market' Prisons