The National Catholic Review

May 7, 2012

Vol. 206 No. 15Whole No. 4971 Download PDF


Current Comment
Googling a Masterpiece; Stolen Childhoods; Requiem for the 8-Hour Day?
True Brotherhood
The scandal of deaths and injuries resulting from fraternity hazing resurfaces again.


Power Surge
Jim Gunshinan
How faith helps answer our energy challenges
Trash Talk
Gregory M. Kennedy
A Christian response to our throwaway society

Books and Culture

Impressario Supreme
Gregory Waldrop
No artist wielded greater clout in his time than Bernini.
A Pope in Wartime
Jose M. Sanchez
Had he lived longer would Pius XI have condemned Hitler?
Pushing Against the Rock
Thomas Maier
Money and the church: the latest expose from Jason Berry
Therapy for Television
Terrance W. Klein
'Awake' is a police drama with a twist
'Newsies' Strikes Back
Michael V. Tueth
A cult film based on a working class rebellion comes to "occupy Broadway."