The National Catholic Review

May 7, 2012

Vol. 206 No. 15Whole No. 4971 Download PDF


Current Comment
Googling a Masterpiece; Stolen Childhoods; Requiem for the 8-Hour Day?
True Brotherhood
The scandal of deaths and injuries resulting from fraternity hazing resurfaces again.


Trash Talk
Gregory M. Kennedy
A Christian response to our throwaway society
Power Surge
Jim Gunshinan
How faith helps answer our energy challenges

Books and Culture

Pushing Against the Rock
Thomas Maier
Money and the church: the latest expose from Jason Berry
Impressario Supreme
Gregory Waldrop
No artist wielded greater clout in his time than Bernini.
A Pope in Wartime
Jose M. Sanchez
Had he lived longer would Pius XI have condemned Hitler?
Therapy for Television
Terrance W. Klein
'Awake' is a police drama with a twist
'Newsies' Strikes Back
Michael V. Tueth
A cult film based on a working class rebellion comes to "occupy Broadway."