The National Catholic Review

April 30, 2012

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The Latest Thing
Apple's commitment to reforms for Chinese workers bring new pressure to bear on other corporations.
Current Comment
Nonviolent Revolution? Despair and Defiance; A Tale of Two Parks


Why They Left
William J. Byron, Charles Zech
Exit interviews shed light on empty pews
The Convert's Tale
John Jay Hughes
Discovering a tradition as it changed

Books and Culture

Everyday Mysteries
Thomas DePietro
Don DeLillo's new collection of stories makes clear his appeal to Catholic readers.
Integrating Holy Cross
Tom Curran
The story of Clarence Thomas, Ted Wells and other African Americans at a small Jesuit college.
Faith in Flux
Peter C. Phan
A new work by a much celebrated Czech theologian and public intellectual
The Daddy Deficit
Peter Reichard
Charles Murray's 'Coming Apart,' reviewed
Profiles in Courage
Bill Williams
Beautiful Souls examines the mystery of what impels people to do something risky and transgressive.
The Library of Memory
Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill
Books are the intellectual mile-markers of a life’s journey.