The National Catholic Review

April 2, 2012

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They Came So Far
The image of war's innocent victims has driven generations of correspondents to risk their lives.
Current Comment

More Than a Game


A Voice in the Wilderness

A new political lobby promotes a peaceful vision of Israel's future.

A Bridge to Beijing
John A. Worthley

Can a 16th-century Jesuit help rebuild Chinese-Vatican relations?

Books and Culture

Peppery Public Intellectual
Peter Heinegg

The historian Hugh Trevor-Roper was both vigorously old school and unremittingly sarcastic.

Funeral Procession
Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

Thomas Lynch's The Sin-Eater breathes life into a figure from ancient folk magic.

Machines in Motion
Dr. Daniel P. Sulmasy

The Anticipatory Corpse is a novel contribution to the field of bioethics.

Between the Lines
Dianne Bilyak

Paul Mariani, Marie Howe and Martha Serpas talk about poetry and faith