The National Catholic Review

January 2, 2012

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Current Comment
More Human Rights; Blood from a Stone; Don't Waste the tax Talk
Syrian Winter?
In the judgment of the U.N. human rights commissioner, a civil war is already underway.


The Long Black Line
Patrick Gilger

What I learned from three good men

A Change in Formation
Katarina M. Schuth

How the sexual abuse crisis has reshaped priestly training

Books and Culture

Heaven Boy
Edward W. Schmidt

Can comic books tell religious stories in ways that reach young people without diluting the subject?

Profile in Courage
Thomas J. Shelley

One man's battle against the Inquisition

A Writer at Sea
Franklin Freeman

Was Ernest Hemingway trying to be a saint?

The Horse and His Boy
John P. McCarthy

The salubrious 'War Horse' offers an understated anti-war message.

The Accidental Christmas Standard
Mary Valle

Decades later, I discover the true meaning of Bob Geldof's 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'