The National Catholic Review

December 12, 2011

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A Spirit-Led Future

With vocations and Mass attendance in decline, the church can no longer do all it once did.

Current Comment

Will the Majority Rule?; Casualties of War; Not So Super


Union Made
Clayton Sinyai

A labor strategist's tools include faith, Scripture and social teaching.

Fixing Immigration
Donald Kerwin, James Ziglar

Start by making legal migration benefit everyone.

Books and Culture

Battle Across the Atlantic
Ryan W. Keating

Tracing the complex relations among Britain, the United States and the Confederacy

Put Out Into the Deep
Kevin Spinale

Jennifer Haigh's 'Faith' forces one to contemplate ones relationships and consider ones fears.

Together Again
Kamaria B. Porter

'The Muppets' subtly explores how our passions shape us.

A Broadway Revival
Rob Weinert-Kendt

'Godspell' is less a traditional musical than a combination praise service and theater-games exercise.

Columns and Departments

The Word
The Lord Is With Us

Peter Feldmeier

Broken, But Still Beating

Margaret Silf

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Drew Christiansen

Lectio Divina

Philip C. Kolin


Web Only

  Climate Change: A Life Issue
Elizabeth Groppe
We are here in Panama,” stated Naderev Sano, “to tell the world that climate change is a matter of life and death for the Philippines.” S