The National Catholic Review

October 31, 2011

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Current Comment
A Free Catholic Press?; The Alabama Experiment; Fighting Bias
Conscience in the Mud
If the U.S. wants to bring about what Augustine called the "tranquility of order," it should first examine its own conscience.


A Lesson For Today?
John W. O'Malley

Bishops and theologians at the Council of Trent

Late-Night Catechism
Mary Lynn Hendrickson

A parish youth minister finds challenges and refreshment on the job.

Books and Culture

Imagining Jesus
Leo J. O'Donovan

In a new exhibit of Rembrandt's painting, the face of Jesus is hauntingly present.

Rembrandt's Jesus
Leo J. O'Donovan

View a slideshow of Rembrandt's paintings of Jesus narrated by the reviewer

They Led the Way
Thomas J. Shelley

At a time when religious orders in the United States are in steep decline, a dose of perspective and encouragement.

The Sisters' Stories
Katarina M. Schuth

Katarina Schuth reviews an oral history of women religious

Columns and Departments

The Word
Inexhaustible Light

Barbara E. Reid

Faith in Focus
The Art of Dying

Sidney Callahan

When Catholics Vote

John J. DiIulio, Jr.

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Edward W. Schmidt

Darkness: For Mother Teresa

Michael D. Riley