The National Catholic Review

June 20, 2011

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Current Comment
Waiting for Gaga; That Other Minority; A Brother Journalist
Handle With Care
History has left the United States ill-prepared to deal with modern China.


Outward Bound
James T. Keane

How Maryknoll defined a century of mission work

Forgive Us Our Debts
William J. O'Malley

What Victor Hugo taught me about justice

Books and Culture

Teenage Faithland
John A. Coleman

A new study examines the religiosity of America's adolescents.

Listening to God's Whispers
William Thompson-Uberuaga

A true son of St. Ignatius, Harvey Egan seeks to first attract and then guide the reader to Christ.

Funny Girls
Jake Martin

“Bridesmaids” succeeds where other summer films fail because of heart, or a lack of one.

A Higher Beauty
Joseph J. Feeney

Gerard Manley Hopkins meets Elizabeth Taylor

Really Human
John Wauck

To find evidence of the value of Christian holiness, we should look beyond the experience of believers.