The National Catholic Review

March 14, 2011

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Current Comment
Union Busting; Signs of Something Greater; A Dirty Word
Lean, Not Mean
In this fragile recovery, the nation's budget needs to achieve the right mix of cuts and investments.


Peter A. Quinn

'Peter's faithand lack thereofhelps guide my writing and my life.'

Full Disclosure
Terrence Berg

Belief and the bench

Weapon of War
Kevin Clarke

Who will protect the women of Congo?

Books and Culture

Patriot Games
Michael Sean Winters

Jill Lepore unleashes her wealth of learning on the Tea Partys self-identity.

Call to Order
Carol Nackenoff

Justice Stephen Breyer writes as a liberal champion of judicial restraint.

The Far Horizon
Wayne A. Holst

From Emilie Griffin, a Christian spirituality for the later years

Killer Comedies
Jake Martin

Four sitcoms meet the gold standard for comedy and offer a respite from TV's barrage of criminal drama.