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January 24, 2011

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Current Comment
Will Growth Bring Influence?; A YouTube Uplift; Apocalypse When?
Religious Freedom 2011
Pope Benedict XVI's recent statement is the most extensive official treatment since Vatican II.


Cycles of Life
Ginny Daly, Mary Daly Gorman
Finding our daily joy is as easy as riding a bike
Accidental Pilgrims
The Editors
The editors reflect on their travel experiences around the world.
Have Faith, Will Travel
Kerry Weber
The volunteer journey

Books and Culture

Free as a Bird Now
James T. Keane
Does Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" merit the hype?
Progress and Peril
Allan Figueroa Deck
From a Hollywood writer, a richly evocative vision of Catholic Mexico
As Unreal as Real Can Be
David Garrison
Charles Simic's poems point to what we are.
Jon M. Sweeney, Michal Woll
In Prague, many of the stops on the tourist trail left us dissatisfied, but we found what we needed.
Watch This
Jake Martin
"Parks and Recreation" and other truly must-see television shows

Columns and Departments

The Word
Happiness Now
Barbara E. Reid
The Word
Undiluted and Undimmed
Barbara E. Reid
The Word
The Light of Hope
Barbara E. Reid
Light Switch
Margaret Silf
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
The Secret Place
Louis Templeman

Web Only

  Accidental Pilgrims II
The Editors
In the January 24-31 issue of America, four editors recount spiritual encounters they experienced while traveling. Here we offer additional reflections from Maurice Timothy Reidy, Fr. Raymond Schroth and Kerry Weber. Monks' Walls
  Cycling Tips
Ginny Daly, Mary Daly Gorman
Gear Up and Go Every extra ounce counts so keep it light. Here are the must haves: water; bike repair kit with air pressure gauge, tire irons and spare tube; small pump; money, ID and insurance card; cell phone. What to Wear This is not a fashion show. Safety and comfort come first. Always wear a helmut; bike shorts with gel padding; fingerless gloves; bike jersey—not essential but the back pockets are handy. Check Out Your Bike Check out your bike to make sure it’s ready to roll. Tires—be sure your tires are properly inflated. Brakes—see that the brake pads, front and rear, are hitting the tire, not the rim. Seat and handlebar posts—be sure they are properly adjusted and securely locked. Chain and gears—lubricate the chain regularly, and run through the gears. Cycling Organizations
  The Best of 2010
The Editors
Every year the editors are asked to submit their nominations for the Catholic Press Association magazine awards. This year, we decided to share some of our choices with our online readers. Here are some (but by no means all!) of our favorite pieces from last year: Editorial "Housecleaning" (February 22): Working class families should not have to abandon their dream of a new home because of the housing market debacle, the editors argue.