The National Catholic Review

December 20, 2010

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Current Comment
Welcome to the Cafeteria; Retrieving Stolen Art; Out of the Woods?
Christmas Present
How can we who belong to the body of Christ extend the grace of the Incarnation?


Inventive Love
Robert P. Maloney

St. Vincent de Paul's lifetime of service among the poor

Books and Culture

The First Nol
James Martin, SJ

A meditation on Marko Rupnik's mosaics at Sacred Heart University chapel in Connecticut.

Andrew J. Garavel

Seamus Heaney's new boom of poems reveals the "marvelous as he has known it."

Modern Mythmaking
Peter Heinegg

With its wild wordplay and serious ideas, Salman Rushie's latest work of fantasy is hardly tween-lit.

Corps de Ballet
Maurice Timothy Reidy

'Black Swan': horror movie, camp classic or balletomane's dream?