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December 20, 2010

Vol.203 / No.19
James Martin, SJ December 20, 2010

A meditation on Marko Rupnik's mosaics at Sacred Heart University chapel in Connecticut.

Signs Of the Times

The Vatican said the recent election of new church leaders by government-controlled Catholic groups in China have "unilaterally damaged" hopes of improved relations.

Of Many Things
George M. Anderson December 20, 2010

A new exhibit highlights the achievements of women religious in America.

Signs Of the Times

The decrease in the number of Catholics in the House of Representatives will not be as great as expected because of the election of 33 new Catholic Republicans.

Signs Of the Times

Infringements on the freedom of religion threaten peace worldwide as well as stifle authentic human development, the pope said.

Kyle T. Kramer December 20, 2010

Cataclysm is not God's dream for creation.

Peter Heinegg December 20, 2010

With its wild wordplay and serious ideas, Salman Rushie's latest work of fantasy is hardly tween-lit.