The National Catholic Review

December 6, 2010

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Arms Tied
The U.S. needs to have a strong voice in world affairs, especially on an issue as crucial as nuclear weapons.
Current Comment
A Shameless Bribe; Karzai Might Be Right


Can Evolution Explain Morality?
John F. Haught
Religion, science and the desire to be good
Rising From the Rubble
Joseph G. Bock
The unique role of Catholic N.G.O.'s in Haiti's recovery
O Holy Night I
The Editors
Readers share suggestions for keeping Christmas sacred

Books and Culture

New World Order
Mark E. Rondeau
Andrew Bacevich argues that the U.S. is moving into a state of perpetual war.
The Astronomer's Faith
John F. Haught
Was Galileo an atheist?
Our Sacred Selves
Robert E. Lauder
Jacques Maritain once said the face is naturally sacred. Yet so is the whole body.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Patient Expectation
Barbara E. Reid
Where Is God?
Maryann Cusimano Love
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Maurice Timothy Reidy
The High Street Beggar
Chaturvedi Divi

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  A Season of Giving
The Editors
A Night to Remember On the first Sunday of Advent, our family's 100-year-old presepio is erected in a corner of Nonna's living room. Each year two grandchildren, with awe and reverence, uncover the figures central to this event.