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October 25, 2010

Vol.203 / No.11
October 25, 2010

A teacher's take on 'Waiting for Superman'

Signs Of the Times

The Hong Kong Catholic Justice and Peace Commission is campaigning for the release of the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

Faith in Focus
Luke Hansen, S.J. October 25, 2010

As I learn more about the camp's detainees, I find myself wanting to be a brother to them.

Signs Of the Times

“The people of the South are beating day and night the drum of secession, independence,” said Bishop Paride Taban, retired bishop of Torit.

Current Comment
The Editors October 25, 2010

Horse Sense on Immigration

Meg Whitman, a candidate for governor of California and a frequent critic of employers who hire paper-challenged workers, found herself in a paper jam of her own this month. It was revealed that Ms. Whitman fired her long-time housekeeper

Mark Mossa October 25, 2010

A memoir of desire, relationships and spiritual transformation

Signs Of the Times

“Few of the suburban communities have a social services infrastructure in place to address the challenges this increased poverty poses.”