The National Catholic Review

October 11, 2010

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Current Comment
Reform Begins at Last; Deporting Roma People; Hidden From the World
Israel's Choice
Israel needs to be reminded that the alternatives to a two-state solution are few and unattractive.


Remember the Exiles
Joseph Cornelius Donnelly, Drew Christiansen

Being a refugee should be a temporary condition.

The Christian Stake In Mideast Peace
William H. Keeler
A proposal to protect a minority
Christians And Muslims Together
Elias D. Mallon
Interreligious relations and the Synod of the Middle East

Books and Culture

Abiding Presence
William J. Collinge
John S Dunne invites readers to take part in the great circle of Gods love.
An Affair to Remember
Stephen Schloesser
The significance of the Dreyfus Affair for modern Catholicism cannot be overstated
Friends of Noah
Jon M. Sweeney
St. Francis and the Judaic roots of the blessing of animals
Faith of a Nation
John A. Coleman
While much of importance is included in PBS' 'God in America,' much is left out.