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June 21, 2010

Vol.202 / No.20
Peter HeineggJune 21, 2010

Dietrich Bonhoeffer had a way of saying things that immediately cleared the air.

Signs Of the Times

The Irish practice of placing mentally disturbed children in adult institutions is “inexcusable,” said a report by Amnesty International.

The Word
Barbara E. ReidJune 21, 2010

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C), July 4, 2010

Faith in Focus
Douglas W. KmiecJune 21, 2010

My father's life was an invaluable lesson in political participation.

Rob Weinert-KendtJune 21, 2010

A string of race-themed shows on Broadway have struck chords with audiences eager to see the subject dramatized--or at least broached.

Signs Of the Times
June 21, 2010

"Your work, your passion, your commitment helped make the difference," President Obama said.

Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenJune 21, 2010

A distressing new report outlines the participation of medical professionals in torture.