The National Catholic Review

April 26, 2010

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Current Comment
Half Steps on Nuclear Weapons; Haz-Mat Alert; A Virtual fence, with Holes
The Sisters' Witness
The sisters' stand on health care illustrates how huge a gap would be left were their numbers not replenished.


Salvador's Saint
Richard Amesbury, Andrew Kirschman

Thirty years after his death, Archbishop Oscar Romero remains a guiding presence.

Taking Responsibility
Thomas J. Reese

What can European bishops learn from the U.S. sexual abuse crisis?

Far From the Mainland
George M. Anderson

A pastor assesses the spiritual journey of Chinese Catholic immigrants.

Is God Mad at Us?
Pat Fosarelli

Helping children cope with global tragedy

Books and Culture

Getting Personal
Jay P. Dolan

James McCartin chronicles the seismic shift in prayer life for American Catholics after Vatican II.

Snaking Through History
Pheme Perkins

James H. Charlesworth's new book is a massive study of snake symbolism across several millennia.

Beyond the Earthly Realm
Tom Deignan

John Banville is a writers writer, whom even admirers admit can be difficult.

Terrible Beauties
Nancy J. Curtin

The arrival of a new history of Irelands 1916 Easter Rising is a sure sign of spring.

Lost in Parenthood
Kathleen Norris

In her new novel Anne Lamott explores the "many evils that pull on our children."

The Mystical Gaze
Richard Leonard

How films can initiate the spectator into a world of transcendence.

Regarding Henry
Jake Martin

Chronciling the last days of King Henry XIII has had a liberating effect on 'The Tudors."