The National Catholic Review

March 22, 2010

Vol. 202 No. 9Whole No. 4887 Download PDF


Current Comment
'Lourdes' the Movie; Divide and Conquer; The Lost Art of Penmanship
Toyota in Reverse
The nature of the product automakers bring to market entails special ethical responsibility.


The Next Move
William D. Karg

Questions and opportunities for 'retired' priests

The Bishop Emeritus
Frank J. Rodimer

Resigned but still ministering

Books and Culture

Rapid Transit
Peter Heinegg

How trains changed the face of the planet.

What Lies Beyond
Joseph A. Bracken

Explorations of eternity from two post-modern intellectual historians

In Plain Sight
Kerry Weber

"The Art of the Steal" presents a convincing case to keep the Barnes Foundation in suburban Philadelphia.

Small Is Beautiful
Jon M. Sweeney

Little books are chief among the things that carry spiritual meaning in my life.

'Raisin' Revisited
Michael V. Tueth

'Clybourne Park' takes as its inspiration Lorraine Hansberry's 1959 play.