The National Catholic Review

March 15, 2010

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Administering Justice
Recession-driven prison closings may provide state lawmakers an opportunity to promote a more rational approach to criminal justice.
Current Comment
The Urgency of Now; The Cost of Uranium; Descartes in Pennsylvania


Flying Blind
Mary Ellen O'Connell

U.S. combat drones operate outside international law.

A Troubling Disconnection
Maryann Cusimano Love

Books and Culture

A Window to the Divine
Ilia Delio

John Haught on Darwin, God and the drama of life

Playing God
Olga Bonfiglio

T. Walter Herbert argues that the Iraq war was undertaken with ardent devotion to a misplaced faith.

Gods Creatures on the March
Aaron Kheriaty

Unlike the prose of some childrens books, 'The Purples are Coming!' has a spritely, imaginative style.

America's Book Club
Maurice Timothy Reidy

Usually a novel, the books are chosen based their artistry and the ways in which they address Catholic themes. 

Women's Work
Regina Nigro

Two television series, "Damages" and "The Good Wife," grapple with the interplay of strength and femininity.