The National Catholic Review

March 8, 2010

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Current Comment
The Unsweetened Truth; Turtles at Risk; Swift-Boating the Church?
Behind Closed Doors
Domestic violence in the United States is rising, and the recession may be partly to blame.


God Is Ready
James Martin, SJ
Are you?
Goodwill Offering
Valerie Schultz
After my father's death, his shirts and socks seemed sacred.
The Other America
Tim Padgett

Central America is still wrestling with the institutional backwardness and epic inequality that led to the conflicts of the 1980s.

Books and Culture

Daniel J. Harrington
Books exploring where Judaism and Christianity meet
Friendly Persuasion
Robert Barron
How does a culture change its mind? What makes an entire people repudiate a position once held with blithe certainty?
Snark Attack
Jake Martin
Snark is the final frontier for the age of irony, the last word for a generation that prides itself on having the last word.