The National Catholic Review

February 15, 2010

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Current Comment
Haitian Emigration; Banks and Bonuses; Saving a Lunch Counter
This is the winter of our discontent. And the Senate is mostly to blame.


Feed Your Spirit
Allen S. Maller

A rabbi explains the value of fasting.

Susan M. Mountin

A daughter's Lenten reflection

Books and Culture

Corrected Vision
Emilie Griffin

Richard Rohr's new book isn't interested in doctrine or psychology, but experience.

Poetic Praises
Robert P. Imbelli

Ralph McInereney's 'Dante and the Blessed Mother' is a promising sign of a Marian revival.

The Wright Stuff
Micah Mattix

Few poets today would risk the cool chuckle of the critic, but Franz Wright does.

A New World
Michael V. Tueth

After watching "Avatar," our critic was grateful for the 25-minute walk home and a chance to calm down.

A Children's Crusade
William Van Ornum

“Extraordinary Measures” illustrates the deep divide between rhetoric and reality for families caring for children with special needs.

Creation Story
John Anderson

Like Charles Darwin, the film “Creation” seems inclined to think that God and evolution can co-exist.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Out of the Wilderness

Barbara E. Reid

Bread and Roses

Thomas J. Massaro

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Kevin Clarke


Web Only

  2009 Campion Award
Maurice Timothy Reidy
On January 25 Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, accepted the 2009 Campion Award from the editors of America.
  Voiceless in Haiti
Brian J. Stevens
Why aren't international aid groups seeking local expertise?
  Rowan Williams' Remarks
Rowan Williams
Your Excellency, Your Grace, Reverend Fathers, brothers and sisters: to be here today is for me an enormous delight and a quite unexpected honor; and my first task is simply to say, from my heart, a very warmest thank you to America magazine, to the Jesuits, to you who have welcomed me here today. Thank you for this act of ecumenical generosity and fellowship.