The National Catholic Review

January 4, 2010

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Current Comment
Hell on Wheels; Reaping, Sowing, Googling; A Long Way From Home
Marching Into the Past
President Obama's Nobel acceptance speech was a march backward into cold war history.


Vatican II Revisited
Francine Cardman

The apostolic visitation revives some unresolved conflicts.

Conversation Peace
Ann M. Garrido, Sheila Heen

Practicing what we preach in resolving conflicts

Books and Culture

Beads of Power
Thomas J. Shelley

There are fashions in devotion just as there are in secular life. But Mary, and the rosary, is different.

Tangled up in Bears
James T. Keane

Sections of John Irving's new novel are a triumph of storytelling, as if the author is shouting: Look, ma, no hands!

James S. Torrens

A native of the city, Louise Gluck visits the countryside in her latest collection of poems.

Dead End
Richard A. Blake

Cormac McCarthy's "The Road"

Flying Solo
John P. McCarthy

'Up in the Air' recognizes a harsh reality beneath its own verbal dexterity and slick packaging.

When I Grow Up
Terrance W. Klein

The three lead characters on "Men of a Certain Age" aren’t buffoons, the role that middle age men play in most sitcoms.