The National Catholic Review

December 21, 2009

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Current Comment
The Gender Gap; Christmas Commerce: Original Altruism
A Simple Contemplation
In these difficult times, what might the experiences of the Holy Family say to us in our world?


Parish Revival
Bruce Cecil

What Catholics can learn from Protestant megachurches

Books and Culture

Object of Devotion
Gregory Waldrop

For centuries worshippers had credited the “Madonna della Strada” in Rome with healing powers, though no one called it an artistic masterpiece.

Common Good Sense
John A. Coleman

Michael Sandel wants us to think of ourselves as citizens, not just consumers.

The Sun Rises in the East
Peter R. Beckman

Is it really inevitable that China will rule the world?

No God. No Problem?
John P. McCarthy

The hope and solace provided by "The Lovely Bones" is fleeting at best--secular humanism with special effects.

What is Justice?
Thomas J. Massaro

Students in Michael Sandel’s class accept with studied nonchalance ethical choices at which Catholic ministry students rightly shudder.