The National Catholic Review

December 14, 2009

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The Moment Is Now
If the planet is to survive, all nations must construct an equitable structure for energy consumption.
Current Comment
Bloggers Beware; Venerabile Subito!; Art That Frees and Enslaves


Auditing Self-Interest
Maurice E. Stucke

How the Great Recession provoked an economic examination of conscience

What If We Said, 'Wait'?
Michael G. Ryan

The case for a grass-roots review of the new Roman Missal

Books and Culture

Pure Poetry
James S. Torrens

W. S. Merwin writes about darkness, but also our fugitive but astonishing experiences of light.

The Americans
John A. Coleman

A new show of American paintings at the Met seeks to find clues to shifts in American self-understanding.

Here's All the People
Dominic J. Grassi

The PBS series “Scenes From a Parish” chooses not to dwell on the forces that sap the energy from so many church communities today.

Family Therapy
Michael V. Tueth

"Next to Normal" tells the story of a woman afflicted with bipolar disorder and the effect her illness has on her family.