The National Catholic Review

November 9, 2009

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Current Comment
Morality in the Marketplace; Welcoming Anglicans
Help Wanted
Rising unemployment is dampening morale on Main Street and threatening economic recovery.


Irreplaceable Dialogue
Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick

Why Christians and Jews must continue the conversation

Our Brothers, the Jews
Dorothy Day

A lost manuscript, a continued call for solidarity

Books and Culture

Kandinsky's Creations
Leo J. O'Donovan

The Russian-born artist believed his time was one of spiritual crisis. “The nightmare of materialism…[has] turned life into an evil, senseless game.”

Sullivans Travels
Sidney Callahan

The story of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller is evidence that perseverance can bring miracles.

Our Founding Mothers
Nancy Hawkins

Profiles of four women who struggled to find their place in the church and American society

Portrait of the Artist
Maurice Timothy Reidy

What ultimately makes “Bright Star” more than a genre film is its intelligence.