The National Catholic Review

November 2, 2009

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Current Comment
Galileo at the Vatican: Dr. Barnes' Little Museum
An Untreated Epidemic?
If recent statistics prove to be accurate, then we need to confront autism as a major health care crisis.


An Illusory Peace
William Bole
Why even Obama cannot bring an end to the culture wars
Mandate of Heaven
Thomas P. Rausch
Religious studies return to China.
Soldiers Home
Timothy P. Broglio
Our duty to returning veterans
A Rosary in Kandahar
John F. Butler
Pastoring Atheists
Thomas J. Santen

Books and Culture

Age Before Beauty
Angela ODonnell
Poetry and old age are difficult human endeavors, yet Marie Ponsot makes both look Easy.
Fearless Friar
Lawrence S. Cunningham
The story of an extraordinary encounter at the height of the Fifth Crusade
A Faithful Critic
Paul Lakeland
Landislas Orsy performs a careful dance with the Vatican in "Receiving the Council."
Identity Crisis?
Robert P. Imbelli
Cardinal Francis George, with doctorates in both philosophy (Tulane) and theology (Urbaniana) is a formidable intellectual presence in th
African Journey
Scott Korb
In early April 1980, the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe met the Harlem-raised James Baldwin “for the first, and sadly last, time,” at the
Shaping Up the Docks
Terry Golway
"On The Irish Waterfront" promises to reshape how cultural historians view a classic 1950s film.
Job in Minnesota
John Anderson
The Coen brothers tackle suffering in "A Serious Man."
Jake Martin
"True Blood" seeks to be sophisticated and edgy, but the only thing sharp about it is the actors' prosthetic fangs.