The National Catholic Review

October 26, 2009

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Current Comment
Saint Damien of Molokai, AIDS in Africa
The Price of Death
Why is the United States one of the few developed countries that still supports the death penalty?


Prudential Investment
Doug Demeo
Can Catholic institutions do well while doing good?
Imagining the Immigrant
John J. Savant
Why legality must give way to humanity

Books and Culture

From Wales to Woes
Donald Bolen
What happens when someone with a monastic bent is asked to take on the leadership of the Anglican Communion?
Sisterly Love
Peter Heinegg
The fate of the sisters of brilliant men has been a sad one.
The Psychology of Belief
Richard J. Hauser
I began this book with the hope of helping to change the face of mental illness,” states Nancy Kehoe, a member of the Religious of the Sa
Ricky Almighty
Harry Forbes
In "The Invention of Lying," Ricky Gervais pokes fun at organized religion.
Stairway to Heaven
Tom Beaudoin, Brian Robinette
Catholics need a more robust appreciation of popular music.