The National Catholic Review

September 28, 2009

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No Waiting Room
We cannot afford to wait to reform health care. It is costing us too much.
Current Comment
A Dry, Weary Land; Praying as Family


A Sturdy Framework
Alfred McBride

A defense of the bishops' new high school catechesis

Escape From Alcatraz
Daniel J. Demers

Father Damien held up by America's most wanted

Misleading Indicators
Charles K. Wilber

How U.S. economists missed the Great Recession

Books and Culture

Echoes of the Past
Cecilio Morales

Recently repeated cheers that only a few hundred thousand workers lost their jobs may reflect the fact that those who measure, label and

Weight or Debt?
Richard M. Gula

A history of sin, reviewed

A Path Made Straight
Ron Hansen

A frankly confessional memoir from a Catholic author and journalist

Divine Direction
Robert E. Lauder

Liv Ullmann talks about faith, Ingmar Bergman and directing "A Streetcar Named Desire."