The National Catholic Review

June 8, 2009

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Current Comment
Pope Benedict Visits Israel; Bishops and Politics
Too Big to Bail
In spite of optimism, the goal of stabilizing major banks is insufficient to the problem at hand.


Healing Health Care
Guy Clifton
Now is the time to make the necessary reforms.
Is the Charter Still Relevant?
Kathleen McChesney
Reassessing the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
Ave atque Vale
Thomas G. Casey
The case for replacing Latin as the official language of the church

Books and Culture

Financial Fallout
Charles K. Wilber
Reading the economic crisis
The Unknown Delacroix
Joyce C. Polistena
Eugne Delacroixs religious paintings were informed by the Romantic penchant for introspection.
Misguided Notions
Ilia Delio
Beyond the debate between science and religion

Columns and Departments

The Word
Blood Bond
Barbara E. Reid
The Word
Fearless Faith
Barbara E. Reid
Faith in Focus
Tea With the Saints
Anne E. Grycz
Faith in Focus
Hard Times
Lois Spear
Like a Child
Kyle T. Kramer
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen
Gems From the Foley Poets
James S. Torrens
Ode to the Heart
Brent Newsom

Web Only

Brenna Cussen
Six weeks ago my colleagues and I from the Catholic Worker attempted to cross into Gaza, but we were not allowed through. We carried with us six large suitcases containing $18,000 worth of medical supplies destined for Al Shifa Hospital, as well as letters, drawings and toys sent by American children for the orphans at the Rachel Corrie Center in Rafah. Friends on the other side of the wall waited in vain for three days for us to arrive.