The National Catholic Review

May 4, 2009

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Current Comment
Reviving Amtrak; New York's New Archbishop
A Modest Proposal
Silence and fervent prayer are no longer adequate responses to the priest shortage in the United States.


Lessons in Mercy
Daniel Philpott
Justice and reconciliation in the aftermath of atrocities
Liberia's Trials
John Perry
The challenge of forging a lasting peace
Soulful Leadership
Margaret Benefiel
Desmond Tutu's quest for unity

Books and Culture

In Divine Company
Marie Anne Mayeski
Sister Marilyn Lacey’s account of her journey to and through the experience of working with refugees can be read, first of all, as an adv
A Rocky Start
Peter Heinegg
Professor William Goetzmann has had a long and distinguished career at Yale University and the University of Texas, Austin, going all the
Loves Proof
Angela ODonnell
For nearly 50 years, Mary Oliver has been falling in love with the world and writing poems that invite readers to fall in love right alon
The Oldest Living Institution
Thomas J. Shelley
Roger Collins' history of the papacy, reviewed
A Solitary Life
Joseph Cunneen
Thomas Cahill has interrupted his series on “the hinges of history” to present an inspiring example of human development on death row.
Where Does It End?
John A. Coleman
'Cruel and Unusual': a book about television, punishment and God
A Snapshot of Hell
John A. Coleman
The Italian film "Gomorra" lends a more ominous meaning to the famous epithet, "See Naples and Die."
Righteous Among Women
Michael V. Tueth
'Irena's Vow' stars the actress Tovah Feldshuh, who first appears onstage telling her incredible story to a group of high school students.