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May 4, 2009

Vol.200 / No.14
Michael V. Tueth May 04, 2009

'Irena's Vow' stars the actress Tovah Feldshuh, who first appears onstage telling her incredible story to a group of high school students.

Of Many Things
Patricia A.Kossmann May 04, 2009

May presents us with many celebratory occasions.

May 04, 2009

Amazing Grace Thanks to Frank Moan, S.J., for his reflections on prayer (“Finally, God’s Voice,” 2/9). It takes courage to punch through the veneers of doctrine and dogma and arrive at a place and time that is infused with God. Moan speaks to the sterility of words that can so easi

Angela ODonnell May 04, 2009

For nearly 50 years Mary Oliver has been falling in love with the world and writing poems that invite readers to fall in love right along with her Evidence the Pulitzer Prize-winner rsquo s 19th book of poetry offers a bountiful collection of 46 new poems many of which explore terrain featured

Signs Of the Times
May 04, 2009

There is this erroneous notion that its unconstitutional if we are talking to religious leaders around the world, said Thomas F. Farr.

Margaret Silf May 04, 2009

'We cannot trust our own estimation of what is solid and what is not.'

John A. Coleman May 04, 2009

'Cruel and Unusual': a book about television, punishment and God