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April 20, 2009

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Current Comment
The Living Dead; Obama in Europe
Protection for Haitians
Thousands of Haitians in the U.S. face deportation. They deserve better.


Stewards of Creation
William S. Skylstad

A Catholic approach to climate change

A Farmer's Gift
Kyle T. Kramer

An appreciation of Wendell Berry

A Catholic Moment
Charles R. Morris

America engages a new world

Books and Culture

Renew the Face of the Earth
Stephen Bede Scharper

Examining 'The Green Bible'

Christ in the Garden
Franco Mormando

If Jesus were a gardener, what kind of garden would he plant?

Cezanne's Ordinary Brilliance
Leo J. O'Donovan

How can the artist's simple portraits and still lifes possibly affect us as deeply as they do?

Christ in the Garden
Franco Mormando

An Easter reflection on Fontana's 'Noli Me Tangere'

The Greening of America
Olga Bonfiglio

Thomas Friedman has done it again.

A Monks Life; A Planet's Health
James Martin, SJ, Patricia A. Kossmann

Living with Wisdom

A Call for Collegiality
Francis A. Sullivan, John J. Strynkowski, John W. O'Malley

Three experts on church history and governance discuss Marco Politi's article on episcopal collaboration.

Broken Down

Airing Tuesday night on PBS: The Released, the grim story of life after prison in Ohio.

Columns and Departments

The Word
You Are Witnesses

Barbara E. Reid

The Word
Trusting Followers

Barbara E. Reid

In Desert Times

Kyle T. Kramer

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Peter Schineller


Web Only

  Centennial Celebration
The editors and staff of America and the U.S.
  Once Every Hundred Years
James Martin, SJ
After a year of planning, we still weren't sure how many people were going to attend our Centennial Mass on April 18.&nbsp After all, Timothy M. Dolan had just been installed as the archbishop of New York in a grand Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral a few days before, and that Saturday came in the middle of that liturgical time loosely known as "confirmation season."&nbsp Moreover, as our publisher Jan Attridge noted worriedly, "It's supposed to be really nice on Saturday."
  America Centennial Mass Homily
Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick
First of all, I want to say, as speakers on great occasions always say, how honored I am to be here. For me it is very true.