The National Catholic Review

March 23, 2009

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Power in The Present
Hope for the Future
A spiritual challenge for tough economic times
Truth and Prosecution
Congress should strive to bring to light the Bush administration's crimes against liberty.


Animal Welfare
Kate Blake

Our Responsibility to All Creation

Tushar Gandhi's Nonviolent Path
Robert Hirschfield
A Little Patience
Patricia A. Kossmann

The fifth in a series for Lent

Books and Culture

The Everyday Cross
Leo J. O'Donovan

In this Lenten season, Stanley Spencer's Christ Carrying the Cross seems to transcend its time.

Two Poles of Western Civilization
Gerald P. Fogarty

Massimo Franco, a distinguished columnist for the Corriere della Sera of Milan, presents an interesting thesis in this book, which he sta

Can Prayer Trump Pain?
Myles N. Sheehan

Where science and spirituality meet

Hating Frank
Angela ODonnell

T. C. Boyle’s big, brilliant novel The Women tells the story of a larger-than-life man’s larger-than-life loves.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Made Perfect

Barbara E. Reid

A Covenant to Serve

John J. DiIulio, Jr.

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Drew Christiansen


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  Lenten & Easter Reflections
The Editors
Essays, slideshows and art reviews marking the celebration of Holy Week