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March 16, 2009

Vol.200 / No.9
Nancy J. CurtinMarch 16, 2009

Jay Dolan's 'The Irish Americans,' reviewed

Signs Of the Times
March 16, 2009

Archbishop Paulinus Costa, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh, criticized the “barbarous killing and looting” that left more than 140 people dead or missing following the recent mutiny of the Bangladesh military. • Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael S

Rob Weinert-KendtMarch 16, 2009

Two shows now playing in New York have Christian faith and institutional authority as central themes.

Current Comment
The EditorsMarch 16, 2009

Indicted for War Crimes

Robert D. JohnsonMarch 16, 2009

 The sky exults in shimm’ring stars,

Signs Of the Times
March 16, 2009

A group of Catholic leaders, scholars and theologians publicly expressed support on March 1 for the nomination of Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Democrat of Kansas, to be the next secretary of health and human services. In a statement organized by Catholics United, a Washington-based progressive organi