The National Catholic Review

March 16, 2009

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Current Comment
Indicted for War Crimes
A Future With Mr. Chavez
From 2009, the editors on the reelection of Hugo Chavez


The Well
Timothy Michael Dolan

A thing of mystery, a hint of eternity

Mano a Mano
Michael V. Tueth

Ron Howards Frost/Nixon

Then There Was One
Dr. Daniel P. Sulmasy

The unraveling of Catholic health care

A Long Struggle for Peace
George M. Anderson

Mauricio Garcia on Colombia's violent history

Bon Appetit!
Karen Sue Smith

The fourth in a series for Lent

Books and Culture

The Look of the Irish
Jon M. Sweeney

Both the hard facts and the fanciful legends about Patrick have the power to fascinate and instruct.

From Prejudice to Power
Nancy J. Curtin

Jay Dolan's 'The Irish Americans,' reviewed

A Mighty Purpose
Dennis OBrien

The first question that comes to mind about these two eminently sensible books is “who reads them and why?”There must be an audience for

God Talk Off Broadway
Rob Weinert-Kendt

Two shows now playing in New York have Christian faith and institutional authority as central themes.