The National Catholic Review

March 2, 2009

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Current Comment
Lift High the Cross

Students returning to class this semester at Boston College found a surprise: crucifixes adorning their classrooms.

Generation S
Can we build a culture of service?


The World By Chair
Karen Sue Smith

The lure of travelling in place

Lessons of the Camino
Arthur Paul Boers

What I learned from secular seekers on the way to Compostela

Try a Little Kindness
Peter Schineller

The second in a series for Lent

Books and Culture

Fyodor's World
Paul J. Contino

Rowan Williams on the faith of Dostoevsky

History and Memory
John Jay Hughes

John Lukacs' 'Last Rites,' reviewed

Fyodor's World
Paul J. Contino

Rowan Williams considers Dostoevsky's Christianity

Grappling with Reality
Richard A. Blake

Darren Aronofsky's 'The Wrestler' provides a meditation on morality

Columns and Departments

The Word

Barbara E. Reid

Toughness and Tears

Kyle T. Kramer

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Drew Christiansen


Web Only

  America on Lectio Divina
John B. Klassen
In the March 9 issue of America Patrick and Claudette McDonald make the case that married couples should cultivate the ancient practice of lectio divina to ground their relationship in Gods love. Over the years, America has published several articles on lectio divina. A selection appears below: Ever Ancient, Ever New: Lectio divina is not just for monastics anymore.