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January 5, 2009

Vol.200 / No.1
Richard G. Malloy January 05, 2009

What does it take to attract young adults to priesthood and religious life?

January 05, 2009

Going to the Source Re David Gibson’s article on Catholics and biblical literacy (“A Literate Church,” 12/8): As a Catholic who frequently takes part in text study with Jewish communities, I find it depressing how rare it is to find Catholics (either priests or laity) who make an e

Wayne A. Holst January 05, 2009

Some months ago my wife and I stood in the square facing the dome and western facade of St Mark rsquo s Basilica in Venice We marveled at the intriguing blend of Eastern and Western architecture before us We later visited the chapel in the crypt where the body of St Mark had lain for several ce

The Editors January 05, 2009

Looking at the global economy through the eyes of the poor

Jim McDermott January 05, 2009

Writing about science fiction to a general audience is the kiss of death. The self-designated fanboys already know ten times more than you, and the rest of your audience, which unless you’re writing for Star Wars Insider or Wizard Magazine is most of your audience, wish you’d grow up.

The Word
Barbara E. Reid January 05, 2009

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), Jan. 18, 2009

Margaret Ormond January 05, 2009

A Dominican sister on the call to 'set the world ablaze'