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December 1, 2008

Vol.199 / No.18
Jeffrey Gros December 01, 2008

The fifth general conference of the Latin American bishops Celam in 2007 was a significant event in the history of the church in the Western Hemisphere Its report Disciples and Missionaries of Jesus Christ That Our People May Have Life in Him may be among the most interesting missiological tex

David Hollenbach December 01, 2008

How the Catholic Church promotes human dignity

December 01, 2008

A slideshow courtesy of Trinity Icons

The Editors December 01, 2008

The deadly legacy of cluster bombs

Robert A. Senser December 01, 2008

Toward a new framework for corporate responsibility

Maryann Cusimano Love December 01, 2008

Can the United States recommit itself to legal interrogation techniques?

Peggy Rosenthal December 01, 2008

Parsing Kate Daniels' 'Inscrutable'