The National Catholic Review

December 1, 2008

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Current Comment
No Common Ground? A Forgotten Battle
Ban the Bomblets
The deadly legacy of cluster bombs


An End to Torture
Maryann Cusimano Love

Can the United States recommit itself to legal interrogation techniques?

An Advocate for All
David Hollenbach

How the Catholic Church promotes human dignity

A Blood-Soaked Road
Thomas E. Quigley

Human rights came slowly to Latin America.

A Disappointing Record
Barbara Crossette

Will the new Human Rights Council take its mandate seriously?

Big Business and the U.N.
Robert A. Senser

Toward a new framework for corporate responsibility

Books and Culture

Body of Poetry
Peggy Rosenthal

Parsing Kate Daniels' 'Inscrutable'

A Decision of the Heart
Daniel Cere

The conversion of Anne Rice

Mission: A Joyful Challenge
Jeffrey Gros

The fifth general conference of the Latin American bishops (Celam) in 2007 was a significant event in the history of the church in the We

Columns and Departments

The Word
Begin Again

Barbara E. Reid

Faith in Focus
We Should Have Seen It Coming

James J. DiGiacomo

A Happier Tomorrow

Terry Golway

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

Drew Christiansen


Web Only

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A special issue featuring articles by Maryann Cusimano Love, David Hollenbach and Barbara Crossette
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