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September 8, 2008

Vol.199 / No.6
Of Many Things
John W. DonohueSeptember 08, 2008

The restless mind of Norris Clark, S.J.

Thomas J. HealeySeptember 08, 2008

The first visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States focused the media on many of the ills plaguing the Catholic Church, from the sexual abuse scandals to the shortage of priests to the shuttering of schools and parishes by cash-starved dioceses. What receives virtually no exposure, by contrast

Douglas W. KmiecSeptember 08, 2008

John Kavanaugh, S.J., is one of those scholars who enriches every dialogue to which he brings his voice. I’ve long admired his provocative scholarship challenging the consumerist orientation of the American culture. The challenging “ethics across the curriculum program” that he directs at St.

Faith in Focus
Richard A. BlakeSeptember 08, 2008

Woody Allen takes Barcelona

Peter HeineggSeptember 08, 2008

Older readers mdash well really old readers mdash may recall a ditty sung by the irrepressibly cheerful Dinning Sisters back in 1946 ldquo Soon the sun disappeared from view The stars came out like they always do Then I cuddled up close to you And we both fell in love on a Greyhound Bus T

Victor GaleoneSeptember 08, 2008

Why liturgical language should be accurate, faithful and clear