The National Catholic Review

July 21, 2008

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Current Comment
Torture and Accountability

On June 23 the U.S.

Rule of Law
In the years ahead, our country must come to grips with our moral acquiescence to the politics of fear.


Workers in the Vineyard
Blase J. Cupich
A bishop reflects on the changing voice of the laity.
Will They Serve?
Marti R. Jewell, Dean R. Hoge
A new survey looks at young people's attitudes toward ministry.
Sowing the Seeds for Ministry
Tim Muldoon
Five ways to reach young Catholics
A Phantom Crisis
Mark M. Gray, Joseph Claude Harris
Are Catholics leaving the church in droves? Not really.
Imagining Abundance
Kerry A. Robinson
The transformative potential of Catholic fundraising

Books and Culture

Nothing 'New' Here
Elizabeth A. Johnson
'God and the New Atheism,' reviewed
Going Public
Sally Cunneen
Cardinal Bertone on 'The Last Secret of Fatima'
Books in Brief
Patricia A. Kossmann, Regina Nigro
We Meet Again, Dr. Jones
Richard A. Blake
When a film takes in over $100 million in its first weekend, no one much cares what reviewers say about it. The corporate verdict is in.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Three More Parables About God's Kingdom
Daniel J. Harrington
The Word
An Enacted Parable
Daniel J. Harrington
Faith in Focus
Christ and the Cooks
Alice Kearney Alwin
Faith in Focus
A Friend in God
William A. Barry
Parsing Race and Gender
Terry Golway
Of Many Things
Of Many Things
Karen Sue Smith

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  A Closer Look
Tim Reidy
Americas series "A Closer Look" offers in-depth perspectives on important issues during the 2008 presidential campaign.