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July 21, 2008

Vol.199 / No.2
The Word
Daniel J. Harrington July 21, 2008

Matthew 13 is a collection of Jesus rsquo parables about the kingdom of God the central theme of his preaching and other activities The third and final part of this discourse contains two short parables about buried treasure and an especially valuable pearl and one longer parable with an allego

Marti R. Jewell, Dean R. Hoge July 21, 2008

A new survey looks at young people's attitudes toward ministry.

Tim Reidy July 21, 2008

Americas series "A Closer Look" offers in-depth perspectives on important issues during the 2008 presidential campaign. Here are the articles that have appeared in the series thus far: "The True Cost of Care," Uwe E. Reinhardt, September 8 "Five Myths About Nuclear Energy," Kristin Shrader-Frechet

Current Comment
The Editors July 21, 2008

Torture and Accountability On June 23 the U.S. bishops’ Office of International Justice and Peace, in conjunction with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, issued a 37-page study guide, Torture Is a Moral Issue, to help the faithful better understand Catholic teaching on torture (a

Faith in Focus
William A. Barry July 21, 2008

To draw closer to God, pay attention to ordinary experience

Sally Cunneen July 21, 2008

Cardinal Bertone on 'The Last Secret of Fatima'

Terry Golway July 21, 2008

Clinton, Obama, and the danger of identity politics