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May 19, 2008

Vol.198 / No.17

When seven Jesuits arrived to set up shop at 32 Washington Square West on Feb. 6, 1909, they had some distinguished company among the buildings flanking New York City’s famous Washington Square Park. One was home to the celebrated novelist Willa Cather; another was the lonely administration bu


Deep Sadness Over Destruction in Myanmar Pope Benedict XVI expressed deep sadness and offered “heartfelt sympathy” after hearing news of “the tragic aftermath” of Cyclone Nargis, which killed tens of thousands in Myanmar. News agencies reported May 6 that more than 22,000 peo


This book is not what I expected I had anticipated a memoir but A Life With Karol is less that and more what its title page describes as ldquo a conversation rdquo Thus while the book generally advances chronologically it moves forward and backward in time as the conversation develops As a c

Faith in Focus
Michael V. TuethMay 19, 2008

During graduate studies in English many years ago, I came to love certain academic books, the first of which was Northrop Frye’s The Anatomy of Criticism. Frye, who applied archetypal analysis to classic literature, labeled comic drama as “the mythos of spring,” a celebration of a

John Nixon, Jr.May 19, 2008

Noting the gaps along my shelves,

Current Comment
The EditorsMay 19, 2008

Freedom for Christians Those who are following the fits and starts of Turkey’s current attempt to enter the European Union have undoubtedly been reminded of earlier, less peaceful encounters between the Turks and Europe. The Siege of Vienna in 1529 and the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the latter

Pope Benedict XVI’s recent revision of the “Prayer for the Conversion of the Jews” in the Latin text of the 1962 Good Friday liturgy set off a wave of questioning by puzzled Catholics and anxious concern among Jewish observers. Did the revival of language calling for the conversion