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May 19, 2008

Vol.198 / No.17
Margaret Silf May 19, 2008

Why are some Catholics not allowed to dance during the liturgy?

The Editors May 19, 2008

Gigantic waves—like those that surged across the Indian Ocean in 2005 taking countless lives—are now sweeping through the poorest nations of the world. In addition to the cyclonic waves that have wrought so much destruction this month, there are waves of hunger and anger caused by the dr

Vincent D. Rougeau May 19, 2008

Martha Nussbaum's 'Liberty of Conscience,' reviewed

Faith in Focus
Hilaire Belloc May 19, 2008

How does the future of Catholicism in America appear to be shaping? Let us look at the facts. Immigration, the constant source hitherto of Catholic increase, has been cut down from the wide torrential river which it was before the Great War to an insignificant trickle. Mere numerical increase of the

The Word
Daniel J. Harrington May 19, 2008

Today we celebrate the feast often called by the Latin name Corpus Christi ldquo the body of Christ rdquo As Paul suggests in 1 Corinthians 10 this term can have two meanings the body of Christ that we share in the Eucharist and the body of Christ that we form as the community of believers un

Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen May 19, 2008

The Information Age has been eclipsed by instantaneous infotainment

When seven Jesuits arrived to set up shop at 32 Washington Square West on Feb. 6, 1909, they had some distinguished company among the buildings flanking New York City’s famous Washington Square Park. One was home to the celebrated novelist Willa Cather; another was the lonely administration bu