The National Catholic Review

May 12, 2008

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Peace in the 21st Century

As we have learned in both Iraq and Afghanistan, security in the 21st century will demand a comprehensive response that uses a full spectrum of resources. “Soft power,” in the form of diplomacy, economic development and human rights enforcement, will be more in evidence than military force.


Benedict in America
The Editors
Partners in Ministry
Amalee Meehan

The role of women in Jesuit education

Books and Culture

His Life So Far
James S. Torrens
Life After Life After Death
William Reiser

A review of N.T. Wright's Surprised by Hope.

Did They Die in Vain?
Peter Heinegg

The dramatic question in the headline above was asked by—among many others—the Rev. John L.

Columns and Departments

The Word
Who Is God for You?

Daniel J. Harrington

Cicero and Jesus in the United States

John F. Kavanaugh

Of Many Things
Of Many Things

George M. Anderson